Week 2 – Target Throw

Target Throw

  • Using the same 5m distance as the shuttle run, a target should be placed 5m away from the athlete. Suitable targets include a washing basket, dog bed, hula hoop or large bucket, or even a circle drawn on the ground with chalk (although athletes should ask an adult first!).
  • The athlete has 20 attempts to throw a pair of balled up socks into the target from the 5m marker. You can use the same pair of socks 20 times, 20 different pairs, or any combination to total 20 attempts. Socks can be any size, colour, material.
  • Socks must land in the target and stay there – no bounces in or out!
  • Each successful throw earns 5 points. Keep track of your score as you go – a responsible adultshould help to check the total.