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Update – 12/01/22

Current training times:

1815 on Thursday’s @ Nairn Community Centre
1000 on Saturdays @ The Maggot

Please ensure your membership is up to date. 2021 membership details can be found on the ‘Membership’ page of the website.
Athletes must have current and up to date membership with the club to attend training. This is to ensure that we have the correct contact details and any important infomation that may be required by coaches at training.

DO NOT attend training if you have not completed the training confirmation ‘Google’ form.

For further details about our COVID procedures and what training may look like, please see the information below.

What will happen – Before Training

  • Only invited athletes should attend training.
  • You should complete this form 1 hour before training. Coaches will have access to this document, and if it it has not been completed, you will not be permitted to take part in the session and asked to reurn home. These details will be passed on to NHS Test and Protect in the event that we are contacted and asked to provide them. Any athletes who do not consent to this will not be permitted to attend training. This has been unanimously agreed by the club committee.

    COVID Training Confirmation Form:

  • The toilet facilites at the Maggot are not open so please ensure that you come to training aware of this!
  • Please pack as little as possible, and only bring esential kit such as shoes, a jacket and water/drink.

What will happen – At Training

  • Athletes will have their name registered as normal, however please note, we are required by law to pass on any details of those who attend training to NHS Test and Protect if requested. If this is not acceptable to you, unfortunately you will not be permited to attend training. This has been agreed by the committee and the decision is final.
  • Athletes will be required to clean their hands with sanitiser before entering the Maggot or the community centre. We will provide this, however, if you wish to bring your own, please ensure it is atleast 60% Alcohol or an acceptable non-alcohol equivalent.
  • Athletes are not required to physically distance whilst actively training, however they MUST remain at least 2m distanced from any coaches or volunteers and also from each other when on a break (recovery) or whilst the coaches are setting up an activity.
  • When using any equipment, the guidance permits athletes within a training bubble to share these, however the club has decided that athletes must use the same impliment for the entire session.
    Anti-viral solution will be avalible and ALL equipment MUST be cleaned before and after use.
  • At the end of the session, athletes shall leave the Maggot with 2m distancing, and hands should be sanitised on leaving. It is recommended that athletes wash their hands with soap and water as soon as possible after training.

What will happen – After Training

  • If you become unwell after training with symptoms of COVID, please follow the Scottish Governments advice, however please contact the club/Scottish Athletics to inform us.

Please see below our COVID documents for your reference.

Training Attendence Declaration –

The latest advice for Coaches, Athletes, Clubs and Event Organisers from Scottish Athletics can be found here

Club COVID Co-Ordinator – Nick Stone