Training Information

Updated – 08/04/22

Current training times:

Tuesday’s | 1815 till 1915 | The Maggot
Thursday’s | 1815 till 1915 | The Maggot

Please ensure your membership is up to date. 2022 membership details can be found on the ‘Membership’ page of the website.
Athletes must have current and up to date membership with the club to attend training. This is to ensure that we have the correct contact details and any important information that may be required by coaches at training.

As per Scottish Athletics and Scottish Government guidance, we are no longer required to comply with laws to protect against COVID. The club will however take all reasonable steps and precautions to reduce the transmission of COVID within training environments; therefor the following will still be required when attending NAAAC training sessions.

What will happen – Before Training

  • Only existing athletes should attend training. All new members should make contact with the club via Facebook or email ( to advise that they wish to join. Further details will be sent out once the request has been received.
  • Please pack as little as possible, and only bring essential kit such as shoes, a jacket and water/drink.

What will happen – At Training

  • Athletes will have their name registered as normal. This information is collected for the club records and may in the event of an outbreak of COVID be used to inform other members.
  • Athletes will be required to clean their hands with sanitiser before entering the Maggot. We will provide this, however, if you wish to bring your own, please ensure it is atleast 60% Alcohol or an acceptable non-alcohol equivalent.
  • When using any equipment, and where possible, athletes should use the same implement to reduce contact.
    Anti-viral solution will be available and equipment should be cleaned before and after use.

What will happen – After Training

  • If you become unwell after training with symptoms of COVID, please follow the Scottish Governments advice, however please contact the club/Scottish Athletics to inform us.

The latest advice for Coaches, Athletes, Clubs and Event Organisers from Scottish Athletics can be found here

As of 21st March 2022, the Scottish Athletics advice above has been archived and is no longer a live document. The club is also no longer required to have a COVID Co-ordinator, however any questions with regards to COVID can be directed to the club committee (